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About Counselling
Through play, art and talk therapy I support children, youth, young adults, and expectant parents to explore and process their thoughts, feelings and experiences while making sense of struggles, strengthening self awareness, increasing confidence and creating space for new perspectives. I have training in a variety of approaches including: holistic expressive play therapy, body - centered /somatic and attachment-based therapies, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), narrative therapy, Emotion Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) and mindful self-compassion. Sessions are tailored to your unique needs and concerns. Together we will determine the therapeutic approach that best suits your goals.

  • What can I expect during the initial appointment?
    During the first session, we will have a chance to get to know each other, discuss your needs and counselling goals, and create a plan for future appointments. If seeking counselling services for a child under the age of 12, I request that the child's primary caregiver attend an initial intake appointment on their own to discuss presenting concerns, developmental history, and counselling goals. This appointment will set the stage for my work with you and your child and I view this as an essential part of the therapeutic process. Clients over the age of 12 are welcome to attend the first session on their own or with a caregiver.
  • How will my privacy be protected?
    I keep the information you share with me confidential. This is my ethical responsibility as a Registered Clinical Counsellors. I am only able to share information another person if you give permission to do so -except in situations where legal requirements take precedence. I am required by law to report any suspicion of abuse of children and vulnerable adults (physical, sexual, emotional, domestic, financial, neglect); or intent to harm self or other(s). We will discuss confidentiality in more detail during the first session.
  • How often should I come for counselling?
    Frequency of appointments will depend on your concerns, counselling goals, and financial resources - so this will be different for everyone. Regular sessions are recommended at the beginning of the therapy process.

"Enter into children's play and you will find the place where their minds, hearts, and souls meet."
                                - Virginia Axline

Child Centered Therapy

While adults often turn to language to process their experiences, children use play. Play is your child's most natural form of expression and engaging in play supports children to make sense of their experiences, their world, and their body. When children face challenges their distress may show up as behaviours, aggression, withdrawal, regression, or other maladaptive coping skills. I draw on play and expressive therapies to invite children to engage their imagination and emotions, while also regulating their nervous system through sensory activities and a nurturing environment. Through reflection, observation, and exploring new perspectives, I support clients to connect to their inner world, while they transform the meaning they give to their experiences, strengthen their confidence, develop coping strategies, and resolve challenges. 

Play and expressive therapy may involve:


  • Art 

  • Pretend play 

  • Imagery and visualization
  • Storytelling
  • Sand Play

  • Music


  • Sewing/ Felting

  • Movement

Concerns that I am honored to support children with:

Depression, low mood, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, panic, stress, relational struggles, life transitions, grief and loss, trauma, self-esteem, attachment issues, neurodiversity, emotional regulation.

Child Centered Therapy

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are” 
                           - E.E. Cummings

Adolescents & Young Adults


Adolescence is a time for self discovery, identity development and increased independence.  While this can be an exciting time it can also be a challenging developmental stage to navigate. For many it can become increasingly difficult to cope with social pressures, expectations, and relationships. Accessing a counsellor may be a helpful resource for your teen as they process past and present struggles and look to the future.

Through talk, expressive therapies and mindfulness based techniques, I support youth and young adults to process their experiences, strengthen their self compassion, understand their symptoms, identify their needs, gain new perspective and strengthen their coping strategies.


Concerns that I am honored to support adolescents and young adults with:

Depression, low mood, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, panic, stress, emotional regulation, relational struggles, life transitions, grief and loss, trauma, self-esteem, attachment issues, neurodiversity, organization, focus, planning for the future.

Adolescents & Young Adults

Parent Consultations

Parents and caregivers want the best for their children, though it's often overwhelming and confusing to determine what that is.  From endless books and the internet to opinions from family and friends, it's hard to know which way to turn and what resources to trust.  In my years supporting families, I have come to learn that there is no one-size-fits- all approach to parenting. I have seen families experience greater ease and stronger connections with their loved ones when they shift from focusing on how to respond to the behaviour and instead nurture their child's unique qualities and needs. When we consider that all behaviour has meaning, we often have greater access to the resources we need to support our loved ones and to grow as caregivers. 


Parents play a vital role in their child's development and wellness, and I welcome parents to participate in the therapeutic process when possible. I aim to support parents to make sense of the challenges their child is experiencing and uncover ways to support them to experience more ease, fulfillment and connection.


Parent involvement will look differently depending on the needs of the child / youth. In some circumstances parent support will be the primary intervention and in other circumstances I will meet with caregiver(s) and child, or primarily with the child / youth.


Parent Consultations

Perinatal Mental Health Counselling

Perinatal mental health refers to a women’s emotional health during pregnancy (prenatal), birth and postpartum periods.  During this time expectant and new parents often question their experiences, and abilities and can feel isolated as they navigate opinions, social constructs, and choices.  Accessing counselling during this stage of life can create a space for you to explore your values, process your experience, and uncover what you need to feel nourished and fulfilled as you move forward on your journey.


At a young age, I developed a unique interest in all facets of parenthood, including pregnancy, birth, and the transition to parenthood.  This interest guided me in my employment directions and academic pursuits. I chose to focus my research in my graduate studies on strengthening couples’ emotional connection during the transition to parenthood, and later went on to complete a counselling internship supporting expectant parents.  This learning further contributed to my excitement for supporting people during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods.

Transitions are often accompanied by a broad range of emotions; some expected some not. Whether transitioning towards parenthood or preparing for another child, this can be a particularly overwhelming and distressing time for many.  I am passionate about working with new and expectant parents as they navigate these various stages, which can be an incredibly beautiful and complex time.  A time often tangled with reflections from the past, considerations for the present and dreams for the future. I am here to offer support from pregnancy, into the first year of parenting and beyond. 


I am supportive and welcoming to all gestational and non-gestational parents, including trans and nonbinary folx, in all family structures, including single parents and same-sex parents.


Concerns that I am honored to support parents and expectant parents with:

Depression, postpartum depression, anxiety, mood challenges, grief, fear, body image, self criticism, stress, relationship concerns, birth trauma recovery, pregnancy loss, identity shifts, attachment challenges.

Perinatal Mental Health Counselling
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